Marc Flora and Manrique Sanchez

Installation Team

A face that all of our clients know, Marc is more than our “delivery guy” or “warehouse manager”. Overseeing all renovation projects, making sure the client’s needs are met with our contractors and not settling until our clients are completely happy is Marc’s mission. From the day of delivery until the last picture is hung, Marc is by our designer’s side making sure he is available for every task – small or large – to keep us running smoothly and keep a smile on everyone’s face. Having been in the business for over twenty years, Marc brings a level of knowledge and customer satisfaction to the team that is truly irreplaceable. 

Manrique has been a member of the Interiors by Joann Installation team part time for over 15 years and we’ve never been happier to bring him on full time! Known by our clients for his smile and eagerness to help in any way, Manrique’s experience in the hospitality industry shines through in every client and team member interaction.